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Transform your event into a Lean-Mean-Lead-Machine

By Sidsel Manich,

How many events have you attended where relevant, personalized communication was provided before, during, and after the event?

In other words, how often have you become a customer after an event?

Does your business measure ROI for events?
Many businesses spend large sums of money hosting events, seminars, and conferences for their customers, but forget to think beyond branding and awareness in relation to ROI.

The resource distribution for an event often looks like this:

60 % for planning the event
30 % for carrying out the event
10 % for follow-up after the event

To generate leads, it’s necessary to dedicate a much greater portion of resources to follow-up.

Marketing Automation not only works in relation to online marketing activities, but can also advantageously be used for physical events and thereby provide measurable ROI and good leads for Sales.

Plan relevant communication after the event
You need to think through the entire customer journey at the event – from the first contact, communication during the event, and follow-up.

You can create strong leads if you segment participants both before and after the event and ensure personalized communication triggered by a certain action. An example of such an action could be that a participant downloads a white paper about your product after the event.

You’ll thereby be able to provide Sales with a strong list of prospects that have shown demonstrable interest in your service or product.

But more importantly, you’ll have obtained lots of leads who have started their customer journey with your business. They might not be ready to make a purchase yet, but with strategized and individually targeted communication after the event, you can ensure that the customers mature and you’ll be top-of-mind when they’re ready to make a purchase (which 80% will eventually become).

Your guide to creating leads
I’ve created a guide that will help you generate strong leads at your next event and achieve measurable results in both Marketing and Sales.

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