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Personalisation increases sales by 19%

By Peter Anders Franch, Marketing Lead

94% [of business owners] agree that personalisation is “critical to their current and future success”

The message has finally got through to companies in Denmark, Europe and the rest of the world: Personalisation pays off.

A comprehensive marketing study showed that 94% of the directors surveyed said that personalisation “…is critical to their current and future success”. Two out of three responded that they use a personalisation strategy for “improved business performance” and an “improved customer experience”.

Companies that use a personalisation strategy report an average increase in sales of 19%.

Marketing Sherpa has also carried out a similar study in which they conclude that websites that use personalisation find that they have lower exit frequencies and higher conversion rates.

But what exactly is personalisation? There are lots of things that can be personalised, including personalising email marketing, one of the most important. Simply including the recipient’s name significantly increases the chances of the email being opened.

Today you can go that step further and offer visitors to your website relevant content that matches their preferences.

For example, if you’re going shoe shopping it’s normal to be approached by a sales assistant offering advice. He might help you choose the right shoes and you leave happy with his help and your purchase. Imagine that you return a few days later wanting to buy something to match the shoes. The same assistant comes forward and starts instinctively selling you the same shoes you’ve already bought. He can’t remember you or your purchase.

This is how most websites are developed. They have a “catch-all” message which doesn’t take any account of customers’ history or preferences. In the above example, it would have made sense for the sales assistant to remember you and try and sell you a matching belt.

By personalising content, you can show your visitors text, banners, images and other digital tools that are related to their preferences and stages in the purchase and decision process.

This video does an even better job of illustrating this point.

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